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March 28, 2008


Kili's mom

have a wonderful time adventuring with the kiddos...can't wait to hear about all the fun travels you'll come up with. :)

Cindy C

If you end up in OC, call me! :)

When I read your solo no more title, my first thought was that you were expecting a new little Waters. :) heehee I'm sure she will be so happy to have everyone home with her this week!


okay, how about her haircut is the cutest

jamie k

have a fun week! I wish there were spring breaks for us working people...


yup, I can little 4 yr old is addicted to We take a lot of walks to get out of the house & just drive around. Are you of Filipino decent ? I am. Just curious. I only have ONE child, so she gets bored alone - I had to pull her out of preschool, b'cuz we're moving to Germany soon (military). So, if you wanna visit Germany for scrapbooking - I will be there ! Maybe I'll check out the Italy, but we'll see.


cute shot!! too bad we missed spring break together. :(

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