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March 20, 2008



Congratulations Cam!!! Sooo happy for you!! :) Can't wait to see you play. We miss you guys!

jennifer mcguire

too cute!

jamie k

I remember those little league days. my brother used to play and I loved the snack stand too!

Shannon Tidwell

Oh the ballpark. I can so relate!
We have a couple more weeks until Maddox's games start, but we've started practice.
Love the new top!!!


how dare they want to eat while your son plays!!!! the nerves.

he looks like jay in that pic!!


I played fast-pitched softball all growing up, so I have a fondness for the the new cupcake top! So cute!

tara pollard pakosta

what fun shots! keep them coming! i adore them!


spring sports are so much fun! Adorable top on miss Elsie!


well mom, i would do it 4 you but i had a project!!!! lol


WE ARE UNDEFEATED!!!! YAY! *even tho i dnt play baseball......


Really cute photos!! Love you guys! Happy Easter! Way to go Cam!! Love you Cakes! Else can you be any cuter! Love to Soliel too!


We *love* softball in our family. My mid daughter--and so the rest of us--is quite obsessed with it. Congrats on the undefeated season so far!

Jenn Gent

Hi Jamie - Usually I'm a lurker but I have a question... What is the brand name of that cupcake shirt on Elsie? We are having a cupcake theme birthday party for my baby girl and that shirt would be perfect! I need more info so I can start hunting for it! :)

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