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March 26, 2008



pretty tala :) cute pics of hubsband and wife. make me jealouse already w/mihan. pshhhh. bff..


my husband and i are going away to disney for 4 days in june and i can't wait. it will be our first trip away....he has a conference and i get to sit by the pool AND we got upgraded to a better hotel!

Jennifer McGuire

you are a gorgeous couple. totally beautiful!

melissa deakin

i second what jennifer are such a gorgeous couple.
love these photos.


such beautiful pictures once again...and so jealous you got to get away with your hubby!! much needed... :) You guys are too cute...gag me with a spoon...jjk!! ha ha!

jamie ko

chris photographs so well. and I don't mean taking the pictures, but being taken pictures of (did that even make sense?) has he ever thought of being an Abercrombie model or something ;) ?

love that one of you in the forefront and Chris in the back. you two are so cute.


seriously.....could you guys be any cuter?!?!? :)

love that first one, and the one with the road - how did you do the road one?


haha, awesome post, had a great time up in napa and san fran with you:)
i look like I'm about to kill someone in that shot in the barn though...
jessi, for that one shot on the road, i put the camera on the hood of the car, focused on jamie, pressed the self timer and sprinted as far as i could get in 5 seconds before turning and pretending to be all casually standing there:)

Robyn W.

Love the photos Jamie! You two are so cute together!! Glad you were able to get away - have fun scrappin! :)


Love that you both got a chance to get away from it all and have some alone time. Very important to be able to do that once in a while. You both are so gorgeous! what a pair. miss you tons!! ((((hugs))))


i am such a fan of your photos, especially of the kiddies, but it is such a nice treat to see the faces behind the lens once in awhile ;). beautiful!


WOW! I just LOVE the angle of your photos. Plus, you guys make a cute couple! :)


love the pics so much. Gorgeous. Glad you had fun


i am a fan of your photos too! love these shots of you and hubby. glad you were able to get some away time together :)


chris-i was wondering how you got it up high - thanks! and seriously, doesn't your camera have more than 5 seconds.....???!?!?! then you wouldn't have to run as fast......bahahahaha! j/k! :)

Heidi Sonboul


Tammy S.

what awesome photos--you two are such a beautiful couple! and yes, very important to take time to reconnect~ sans kids!! :)

glad to hear you had a wonderful getaway in the bay area! i'm from san fran, and so funny to see you came up here, as my family and i just got back yesterday from a trip to l.a and san diego! i even got to go to scrapbook oasis where i saw all these great/beautiful layouts by you! :) you're such an inspiration jamie--love your blog!



I am a big fan of your photos, Jamie and Chris, and of your LOs, Jamie ! :)

Love those pics of you two ! The road photo is just awesome, it's my favorite ! Great composition and your green sweater, Jamie, is just ever the best color for you !

Joy U

I can't believe how incredibly long your hair is! So pretty.

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