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April 18, 2008


Katrinna E. Jovillar

This is a very cute and stylish picture of Miss Elsie. Jamie, she's
growing too fast! Where do you buy
her clothes? Too adorable!!!


Ya, mine dunk the phone in a glass of water & also playing w/ it too (broken). so funny children do that !

Heather H.

She is so adorable! I love that look she's giving you in the first pic.


oh she looks so grown up...and is she posing in that first photo?? too that hand behind her head action! lol!

Shannon Tidwell

tell her to hold out for an iphone:)

sue Treiber

she's ready for her close up!


OMG, she is just too cute, Jamie!!!! Luv her new do : )


HAA!! SOOOO cute!! Ava loves the phone, too!

Shannon- LOL!!


She's so cute! I should give my big girl one of my old phones. She'd love it!


gotta start her early texting to Grant, right?!?! :)

Jennifer McGuire

how does she manage to get cuter and cuter?


Can't believe that cute sweet girl. I remember her with your cel phone when she was younger. Such a big girl now. Time flies!
Can't wait to spend time with everyone this summer!

Anne Thompson

Wow, she does look grown up with that purse and cell phone! Cute cute cute. :) And she is always dressed so cool!


omg. tear. i knew i should've invented a magic wand that keeps our babies, babies...:(


oh, fat fingers. she's gonna have a hard time with the iphone.

Lea Sanders

There is no end to your daughter's cuteness!

I gave you a shout-out on my blog. Come by when you get a chance--


I love Elsie's Hello Kitty purse! Where can I get one like it? Ha! Ha! LOL :)! I am a HUGE fan of HK though! Looks like Little Miss Elsie is making appts. She has places to go & people to see :)


she and lexa are seriously sisters from different misters...they are doing the same thing!!! can't wait to have a playdate!


i love her clothes - she is too cute!

also, just wanted to thank you so much for the dw calendar. i got it in the mail today and am so excited to have it for inspiration. your work is amazing! thanks!


WOW, she is so adorable Jamie!

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