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April 28, 2008


Chanda cute!
love how kira does els hair!

Niella {NZ}

Hi Jamie..what a cute convo w/ Elsie!

Its pouring at the mo here in Auckland so hope Chris has an umbrella! Actually tonight it said the most of the country should get rain..perfect scrapping weather and blog reading weather..LOL:)


all of "it" is too sweet!

tara pollard pakosta

i remember my oldest daughter savannah always saying "hold you" to me as a one year old! i just LOVED IT>>>> tara


aww.. so cute jame.. forgot to comment on how cute the boys are..

jamie ko

how sweet is cam's prayer?? I hope Chris has a safe flight too!

and speaking of cupcakes, I think i wanna go get some right now...

sue Treiber

way way way too cute. hold you!


aww what beautiful pictures and that prayer is so sweet.

melissa deakin

i love cam's prayer and that little elsie...what a love!
i hope the week goes by really fast!

Amy K-P

What BEAUTIFUL pics!


What a sweet bunch you have! :)


LOVE this!
xoxo dad


yup i am through all of that!! and yes her hair is SOOOOOOOOO cute! thank you very much! =)


She is so sweet. Hope Chris had a great flight and has a successful trip! Lots of love to you all !!
Hugs from Auntie Rachael and Family

Holly Child

Those little piggies are SO SWEET!!! Such a doll baby! :o)

Aunty Jo

This is oh so cute and memorable for you both. No doubt Daddy is very missed by all his family..... great pics honey and am still in awe how all those babies keep growing sooooo fast!!!!

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