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April 23, 2008



gasp. at the dish and the LO. i love it... makes me sad, makes me miss you guys. :(


Something strangely called me to check your blog right now....I'm so glad I did. I miss you guys too! Your lunch looks good! I love the self portrait. Where can I get a copy of the issue? Super sad that Sam didn't make the cut :(

I love everything about this blog.
love it. love it!

when can we do lunch? you, your buddy and me and my buddy? (not paul.)


Hey Jamie,
Yummy! Sounds like a great idea! I make individual lunches sometimes for the same reason. No one in my fam likes Cilantro but me...but I love it!
Love you all.

sue Treiber

great layout!
and good for you making healthy lunch for yourself!


delicious pasta and delicious layout!!!

Shannon Tidwell


Funny about the 2x2....I think I missed it, too!:)
My layout of my mom and brother was huge, and Crew's was little bitty like that. :(


I love that LO and being an 8.5 x 11 scrapbooker I am all over it! everyday food is a wonderful mag!



Ok - that pasta looks so yummy can you share the recipe?

melissa deakin

that lunch looks fabulous.
i could eat pasta every day of my life.
and i love that sweet photo of you and elsie!


ahhh so that's your secret to staying so tiny ;)
the pasta looks yummy!


WHAT?! 2x2? do they know WHO we are?? :)

email me that recipe pls.. i swear my eyes got big right when your blog opened.

Amy Tangerine

that looks yummy. and i love your page. miss you!


mmmmm...that looks good jame! mom cooked us your chicken katsu curry recipe for dinner today :)
ca-cool..i seriously need to pick up a copy :) sad i didn't get to pick up the CK copy of the familia in it :(


that picture of lunch is making me HUNGRY!!!!! :)

lisa truesdell

that pasta looks divine - i think i'm going to have to make something like that!

love the lo. =)


What a treat! Love it! We need to get together while our boys are away in NZ. Call me!

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