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April 02, 2008



I have to tell you how much I adored the picture of Kira with her Molly doll. My daughter loves Molly and takes her wherever we that pic!

Amy Tangerine

looks like fun!!


We visited L.A. last month and went to the Tar Pits. Kinda fun to see pics on your blog. :-)


i love the kira & elsie photos... that is so cool.
they both look adorable!


I can't believe Kira and Molly Dolly I remember Jake and her both had those dolls for so long. They are so big now. Else is so cute! Great ideas Cam and love to you Cakes!!

tara pollard pakosta

how fuN!
kira looks soooooo tiny and daintY!!! both girls are just beautiful and it's cool you have that shot of them botH!


love the LA touristy stuff .. so fun!

melissa deakin

what a fun day!
love the shots of the girls in the same place.
luke is such a wild man...i would never be able to let him walk freely! LOL! i use the stroller and lots of snacks! ;)

Cindy C

fun and educational! What a great mom you are! That is so cool that you got a picture of Elsie and Kira in the same spot. :)

Did you bring your external flash to the museums with you or did they just have good lighting? I am always so amazed at your lighting. :)

Kili's mom

such a good Mama!! :) The boys are adorable in their poses...and love the comparable shots of the girls sitting in the same spot...sooo cute! AND the one of YOU and Elsie....aaawww!! It really looks like you are all spending such wonderful quality time. :)


love the comparison photos! kira looks just like her lil doll. big eyes.


You get the "mom to the max" award from me! Sam didn't do crap on her spring break except watch tv and help me assemble stuff...I'm sending my kids to your house next time! :) It's gonna be friday tomorrow and no waters at the alicante's...:(


I feel like such a spring break slacker!!!


OMG! i love that we both have those pics!!! i didnt even go.....bummer :(


Great pics - I love that you have a Kira version and Els version. So cute!

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