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April 17, 2008



Love these beautiful pics.

sue Treiber

My little girl doesn't play with her dolls much anymore at 10, but she still loves them and if we were to go to Chicago that would be the first store she'd want to hit!

tara pollard pakosta

so adorable!
that's a pretty complex and amazing structure she built there!!!!! good for her!!! i am impressed!


omg. that is too cute! what a personality. i think i'm going to buy kainoa some blocks. my poor baby has nothing.. i love this post!

Niella {NZ}

Heehee..i love the photo of Elsie with her face to the floor! Looks exactly like Jorjy when she ain't happy:) Cracks me up just thinking how funny littlies can be.

What a lovely day you must of had!

jamie ko

how funny is that!

i loved My Little Ponies. not a barbie girl, but a Pony girl.

and GI Joes too. and Construx (Lego type things). and playing in the dirt with my younger brother.

needless to say, I wasn't much of a girly girl growing up...


PRICELESS! Awww! So cute :) I love playing dolls with my nieces too :)


What a crack-up! She is too stinkin' cute! Especially love the photo of her on the floor after the tower fell. Priceless!

Jessica Fulkerson

Oh those scary American Girl dolls. There is a store where I work and it freaks me out to go inside. Fun for her though ;)


Oh she is so sweet. I want to get right in and play with her! Give her hugs from me and to all the big kids too! Love ya!

Kili's mom

omg!!! her building ability is AMAZING!!! a genius at work!


ahahahahahah!!!!! our little architect at work.


Wow...Els is really good at building blocks! Are you sure you didn't help her! I think that I'll just go over Auts house and have Alexa make a mess over there! I go crazy over the little box of stuff that we have!

Sam or Alexa never had an American Girl. They look like fun to play with. At least Els makes it look like fun!


the face to the floor is sooooooo hilarious! :)
I love all that building too!

Shannon Tidwell

oh, so sad about the crying:)

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