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April 26, 2008



hi miss u. Luv u all. xoxo

Sasha Farina

I can feel your proud-ness Jamie! WTG Cam!!


yay for cameron!!
i know what you mean about mommy nerves...
i had them big time last week at my boy one's concert!!


That is sooooo awesome, Jaime! Tell your little man Congrats! What an accomplishment. I just love boys baseball. My oldest son played for 3 years and then decided he wasn't that in to it. Now my youngest son is in his 2nd year and I love watching him play. He takes the game so serious and works really hard to do a good job! Our Saturdays are full of ball games and nothing makes me happier! Enjoy your guys season and I'll be doing the same here!

jamie ko

i still remember my brother's little league games, but he wasn't a pitcher.

maybe he'll grow up and be a star pitcher some day...

tara pollard pakosta

awwwww how sweet!
he really is a beautiful boy>!


sooo cool!!! way to go CAM!!!! (don't know baseball lingo either jame.. lol)


that IS a fantastic moment! Tell him I'm proud of him!!


go CAM!!!!!!!!!! get your pitch on!!!! so proud of you!

love the game description jame. you should be a commentator. haha.


ya go cameron!!! hey member im doing the work! LOL!


Way to go CAM! we are proud of you too! whoo hoo!


YAY for Cam!!! :)

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