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April 10, 2008



Absolutely fabulous to me too!
Love the black and white strips!


fabulous to me too!

i like the moon walk photo. :)

Amy Nabors

the last one would melt anyone's heart. :)


it's fabulous to me :)


these are adorable- and totally 'everyday' moments you need to capture!


TOO totally adorable!! Man you have some seriously adorable kiddos!! Love the first one, and the one of Els mid air with hair flying...perfect!!


So cute, Jaime! It's wonderful to see what a close relationship your kiddos have. It's obvious they love each other and dote on one another! That speaks volumes about the kind of parents you are.

Especially love the one of Elsie jumping...totally looks like she is flying. I think it's the wind blowing her hair that does it! hehehe

melissa deakin

i LOVE these images so much, jamie.
your children are so sweet and darling.


No you're right, they are fabulous. Elsie is killing me with that haircut (good job Daddy). And I'm totally jealous with her jump shot. My two year old gets no air when she jumps poor thing. It's really just a glorified standing-up-straight-really-fast-from-a-bended-knee-position. Thanks for sharing.

Heather H

I think they're fabulous too! Very cute.

tara pollard pakosta

for some reason BOTH my girls look great in white, and their coloring is totally different from one another, maybe it's just the innocence of pure white?!!! LOVE IT!
and that cam , what a sweetheart!

Lea Sanders

Great pictures as always!


oh no.. that is adorable to anyone with a heart. cute cute kids!

sue Treiber

all adorable! She really is just the cutest thing :)


totally fab for me! i have three and when they love eachother for no particular's awesome! Elsie is adorable!!!!



her and grant could have a jumping contest.....he jumps off of EVERYTHING! I predict a broken arm/leg in the next year. :)


love those tights!!!

jamie ko

Cameron looks as if he's on the brink of manhood in that last picture. getting taller huh?

these are the kind of pictures I like seeing. just normal, unscripted, common everyday stuff. that's real.


Soooo amazing how you captured the jumping shot!! And the pic of Elsie & Cam just melts your heart....sooo sweet!!! Your kids are sooo beautiful. :)

Jaimie Emmerton

She is so damn cute! Love the jumping pic - like she's reaching for her star.


Absolutely positively fabulous to me too :)


She is seriously SO cute! Don't you love it when the little ones adore their big siblings? :)

Great photos!

Stine Byager

WOW - so sweet everyday-photos. GREAT that they allow you to take all theese pictures.

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