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April 15, 2008


trina jaynes

Hey Jaime--- LOVE the layouts! Hopefully your rut will end soon, I miss your posts and awesome layouts! I'm loving the black letters in the bottom layout (same). What brand are they? Did you make your own background for the first layout? Very cool! How FUN to see the stars in your own backyard. I'm such a starstruck person that would be heaven for me! Lucky girl!

tara pollard pakosta

love the layouts as always!
can't wait to see the new pics!!
i have been in a scrap rut lately too. and have also been a reading machine. i go through phases. first i have my scrapping phase, then my t.v. phase where i watch my fave recorded shows all in one late night. then i go to reading for a few weeks. about 10 books or more. then i go back to scrapping. it's weird! Like my brain cant' do all 3 at once COME ON>>>>>LOL!
can't wait til you have your power scrapping phase LOL!
i am going to a crop this weekend, so i hope i get mine back!


if this is what you get when you are a scrap rut.......dang! these layouts are rockin!

how fun that you saw Kathryn! We need her to get back to the set of Grey's......hello that show has been off the air for too long!

sara b

LOVE your layouts. Wow! I can't believe you saw her filming that movie. How cool is that?


Jamie - your layouts never fail to inspire me. amazing.

how cool to see a shoot!


how fun!
your layouts are beeeautiful!


is calling it in the same as mailing it in? love the caleb layout, journaling is awesome:)

Chanda Grey's coming back on? Love the layouts...too cute as always.

melissa deakin

i love these layouts so much.
i especially love how you used those tags.
you rock, my friend!
how fun to see katherine heigl!


did you see Gerard Butler too?? :)


oh wow, LOVE those clouds!!!! too cool.


as always, love the shots/LOs jame! the one of the boys is too funny..

sue Treiber

totally rockin' layouts!


Love your layouts as always !!!!

danni perez

how cool is that to walk around town and see celebs. so not like that around
ohh, love the rain lo!


How fun! :)

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