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April 29, 2008



aaaaw, great pics!!!!! i miss my nunca!


CUTEIE!!! =) so hilarious!!
PS miss ya dad!


oh my goodness! what a great series of pictures! the sayings totally cracked me up. :)


I love this blog!
so cute...awww els is such a big girl now.


she is SOOOOO cute !!


your blog is so sweet...i love reading it and i enjoyed all your photos. that shirt on elsie is too cute...(just like her)
where is it from?

Heather H.

She is sooo cute!

Emily Hoadley

such sweet pics, and funny stories-as always. I can't believe your baby is so big. are you still potty training? my two year old twins are starting to take an interest in the process, not quite there.

kelli  :)

what a cutie. i love that you document these memories....she will love you for that one day!


US: your so loved and missed!!
Love you love you!!

Lea Sanders

Love the new photos! =)

Katrinna Jovillar

She has the cutest face expressions! Thanks for sharing this to us, Jamie...


LOVE these.


Dying to know where her t-shirt is from in the last shot...sooo cute!! Thanks for sharing ;O)

jamie k

it's amazing how different she looks when she's smiling vs. muggin' vs. laughing. she's almost like a bunch of different Elsies!

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