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April 30, 2008



Hey Jamie,
I just missed you online. Love the post and seeing all the happenings of life at baseball and the kids hanging out. It makes me feel as if I visited you and caught a glimpse of your day together.
Love you! Miss you!

Jen Hall

girl, your photos always amaze me! Having to run after four girls of my own, I often wonder how the heck you get great pics of your Miss Elsie-cakes?? Please share some tips!! Hugs JEN from Down Under!

Shannon Tidwell

he looks just like you in that second pic!


snack stand sounds fun... memories...


ahhhhh......the infamous ring pops! :)


he totally looks like you in that second picture, wow!
donde esta his batting gloves?
these are great, what a treat to see all this, wish i could have been there, miss you guys...xoxo

jamie k

jamie, the key is to start watching baseball on tv so you can understand what's going on. that way, the next time you talk to Chris you can wow him with all your baseball talk. stuff like "line drive" and "base hit down the middle" and stuff like that.

and I noticed you got some green wall action there. very cool!

Leila & Ben

Hi Jamie!
Love your blog - great photos and beautiful kids! I just wanted to let you know that you were the winner for our April Giveaway! Yay! MAybe you could contact us at our Etsy shop at for your mailing address and we'll send out your little birdies!
~ Leila & Ben ~

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