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May 19, 2008


tara pakosta

he's 7 already?!
wow--how much does he weigh? i am curious because mine turns 7 soon and i wonder how much she should weigh? how tall is he?! he's sO CUTE and that sheet is precious!


We love our Cakes so much!! He has the biggest heart !! Hugs!

Amy Nabors

i'm usually a lurker here, but i can totally relate to having a little guy. my 8 yr old DS only weighs 50lbs. and is still in size 5 shorts. he usually handles it pretty well though. it only bothers him when it's class picture time and he has to line up last because he's the shortest.


a post dedicated solely to our boy... i like it! .. i love going through all the kids work they bring home from school, but how do you keep everything organized? thats the question. i'd like to see some creative ideas on that jame... the pressure is on...

oh wait, i just noticed elsie's lil head in her brothers photo. :)


i have a little guy like that too!
we tell him he's just perfect...because he is!


How funny! My youngest son is very little too! Not sure what he is the average size of...just know that he is 8 years old and just now weighs 50 pounds! He is such a little thing, but I love it because it gives me an excuse to keep him "my baby" for that much longer!! His nickname is "Boo-boo"...ya know from the old Yogi Bear cartoon? Yogi's little sidekeck, Boo-boo Bear? I even made a scrapbook page about it!

How much does your little Caleb weigh? So sweet that you kept his work. I keep all of my son's too! Not sure how to save it yet, but I'm sure I'll figure out a way.

laura vegas

that is so cute! my oldest daughter is almost 12 yrs old ... and only weighs about 65 pounds. she is so tiny and short. she is in 6th grade ... and on occasion, the yard duty ladies stop her thinking she should have gone in from recess with the little kids. lol!

i just tell her that good things come in little packages! and that eventually, she's going to have a growth spurt. although we've been saying that for years now. lol!


i love it! so cute. little w/a big heart!

Debbie Skam

I normally don't make this sort of comment in such an open forum, but we skinnies need to stick together! Those charts at our pediatricians offices are based on the averages of an obese society. Your family clearly does not fit that bill. I check your blog every single day, your boy is beautiful and perfect!

laura t.

great things come in "little" packages! (from a mom with a "little" 11 yo).


that is soooooooooo cute!

Heidi Bell

I have a little 7 year old too and don't you just love them?!! A tip for those looking for organisation of school stuff: I laminate it, hole punch it and put it on two D rings. Each of my three boys has their own 'book' of their school certificates, pictures and worksheets they want to keep. They love looking through them and it keeps everything in one place.

Heidi Bell

sorry, I meant book rings not D rings.

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