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July 31, 2008



they are so cute together! love the chalk shot!


Awww :)! So cute & adorable! I love it ♥!


Love those pics!! The girls are soo cute! Elsie is lucky she has a great big sister!!
Kathy F

Maria Burke

such super sweet photos!!!! yeah, having a sister is pretty awesome, I have to agree :-)


i love it all..:)

Katrinna J.

Like the nice, especially the iPhone picture. Can't wait to get one soon. It's sweet that your kids are very close to each other.


Ahhhh...I love it. Kira and Sam should have a babysitter's club watching their little sisters! Too cute. Miss you guys!

Stephanie Mah

love those pictures! the girls are so sweet.:)

Stine Byager

What a GOOD girl you have in that Kira ANGEL. Tell her that a mother from the other side of our planet thinks that she is COOL - beeing so nice to her brother and sister.

melissa deakin

kira is such a wonderful girl.
love all these photos of your cutie pies!


I love that Kira is so loving and helpful to you and with her siblings. If anyone ever asks if it is a bad thing to have a child and then a huge gap before the next child I always tell them about Kira & Jake. They prove that it was a huge blessing for us.
Love you! Miss you tons!!


oooh caleb, lucky boy you!
els, cute toes!
kira, you're their idol!

that's why we had eachother jame... 1976-ers :)


you are truly blessed to have such wonderful kids!! and my goodness....Kira is definitely heaven sent!! She is much more than a blessing! Oh how i would LOVE to have an older sister for Kili.

Sasha Farina

she's a gem Jamie! I want a sister like Kira too!

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