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July 01, 2008



Hi Jamie! You saw Wicked? How was it? John and I are going to watch it next month. I can't wait! Your pics look great too.


So what was the name of the hotel? You left us hanging!!!


How fun! Looks like an amazing trip!

Stephanie Mah

nice pictures! you make me wanted to go to london too.:)


We saw Wicked last fall and it was AMAZING! My girls, 12 and 14 at the time love love loved it!


wicked is an awesome show! i have to take my girl to see it too. download the soundrack its totally worth it and so inspiring! i think the show has a home theater in CA somewhere.


love Wicked and the place its at in Victoria, the appollo is fantastic because you walk in and its all green like the emerald city. i've lived here in london for like 7 years and never taken the red bus tours. it sounds fun. london is a great city, glad you had a good time.

Shannon Tidwell

looks so wonderful!! so jealous!!!


beautiful!!!!! :)
you guys have experienced some rockin' places this year!


Love the photos Jamie! Nice tip taking them on an angle.
You guys look so *sweet* together!!

Kim Ryden

I LOVE Wicked!!! It's so great! I was just listening to the soundtrack this morning actually!

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