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July 03, 2008



was the river slower at this point? that's pretty cool you jumped off!

Jessica Fulkerson

The River Wild, right? Or something with that name... well one of the rivers that they filmed that on, was the Rogue in Oregon, which I rafted on!!! :) So fun to hear that you had a great experience and got to check something off your "to-do"

Stephanie Mah

wow,that's so cool! such a great experience.


wow jame. i never figured you to be the rough and rugged outdoor-sy type! lol i love it!

send me some info. I think this is definitely something I wanna try to do next summer. It looks beautiful!


who are you and what have you done with my cousin?!


OMG! LOVE THAT ROCK! its my new and first favorite piece of rock. haha. i even did a flip off that. it doesnt look that high but when u jump, dang its a long way down! haha! miss that piece of stone soooooooooo much! miss u mom, dad, cam, caleb, and elf!


It looks so fun and refreshing! What a great time we all had! We love you guys so much! You are the most amazing brother and sister in law and family we could have ever been blessed to know!

jenny L.

That is so pretty! Sounds like a fun anniversary too. :)


jamie, did you take els with you? or just the older kids?

this sounds like an amazing time and my fam would love it!

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