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July 29, 2008



It was a strong and long one wasn't it! I thought it would never end. Glad to hear you are okay, too. So far I haven't heard of much damage. My kiddos were pretty scared, I don't think they have really ever felt a major one. We had a few things fall off of the shelves, nothing broke though.
Take care!

Jenny Alfonso

Glad to hear you and the family are ok!


I live in Bakersfield, CA and yes I felt the earthquake too. It was kind of scary since I went sde by side here in my desk chair.
My kidos didn't felt it at all.


I'm glad that you and your family are okay. Beware the aftershocks!


So happy that you're all safe and sound.


Stay safe. Glad you're all ok.


So glad you guys are ok. That must've been scary. We don't get much of that in Chicago.

Megan Spinks

Oh man that must have been scary. So glad you guys are ok.


Hope you guys aren't too rattled. I am praying and glad it was a small one and all is well.
Love to everyone!


I just saw this on the news.....I can't believe you didn't say something earlier while we were chatting! Scary! Glad you guys are okay!

Sasha Farina

OMG... that is so scary! So glad you're okay! *hugs*

Stephanie Mah

glad that you & your family are fine.:)

corinne delis

I just woke up and saw it on the news and ran upstairs to email you when I see your post. I am so happy you are ok!



Hi guys!!
I'm very happy that it's all OK for You!!
hugs and kisses


Glad you guys are ok :)


Yikes! Glad to hear you're all OK!!!!!


so glad you are okay and nothing fell off the shelves:)

Stine Byager

I thought of you when I heard the news. Funny with this Online blogging. You feel closer to people you have newer met, just for the fact that you follow a blog. GLAD you all are OK !!

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