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August 07, 2008



You guys are such a good looking couple!
Good luck tomorrow and always, that will be defenetly a lot of work but fun!
Have a Happy 8-8-08!!


That is so cool. I think you guys look really good in the water rafting photos! I love you both! Can't wait to see the Yosemite pics.
Have fun tomorrow at your 8-8-08 wedding!


A. That is the sweetest story.


B. Those pictures are AMAZING. I love the faces, love the processing and OMG I love your hair.


Jamie you so totally rock. Hope tomorrow goes exceptionally well for the two of you.

Katrinna J.

LOVE the pictures you two have.
Such a lovely and happy couple, and a sight to see. Thanks for sharing your
family pix to us. I can see that God had brought you two together. You guys rock!!!

Stephanie Mah

you two are such a loving couple!
love all those photos.:)


Love those photos, Jamie! You two look like you belong together! You have a very sweet family! Good luck today, with the wedding!
Kathy F


i never knew that was a lucky wedding day. i thought it was 777..
you guys have icky, cute, gooey love.. i love it.

ps, love that last shot.

Shannon Tidwell

love the shots of the two of you!!! such a cute couple! Have a great wedding shoot!


Aw!! What a sweet post and those pictures are great!

Maria Burke

super cute photos! i really love the one of you and your kids - so sweet :-)


renew your vows at every wedding? spare me jame.

but who's that cute little teenage nanny you got watching your kids! she's adorable.


...oh, and its kuya's bday today... we're blowing his candles at 8:08pm


love the photos of you two! you guys are so cute!

the one at the end make me happy! :) such a cute brood you guys have. :)

tara pollard pakosta

you are so very blessed!
great SHOTS!
and you guys look amazing!


AWWW :)! So very sweet :)! Who's the cute couple? He he :) And the adorable family too :)! ♥

Cheryl Sue

Very sweet photos, you and your husband are a beautiful couple with equally beautiful children. Love all the photos and definitely love hearing about the love you and your DH share.


sooo loving your photos!! and i need to check your jac website more often!! :) phenomenal you guys!! and & Chris look adorable bright and jealous!

corinne delis

you and chris have got it going on. i loved feeling and seeing the love between the 2 of you in person.


Courtney Camp

How fun about the wedding date... in fact, our wedding date is 06-05-04. which ironically was our zip code in Illinois and we always say:

on 6-5-04, at 3, the 2 became 1.

kinda silly i know, but HE never forgets our anniversary!

Sasha Farina

such a beautiful post :)


You two are truly blessed and sooooo cute together!!! You are an amazing pair! Thank you for capturing all our special moments on our wedding day. We have the best photographers ever!!! :) Love you guys!


Thanks for sharing your beautiful family pictures, by the ways, your hair looks great.

jamie ko

I'm commenting a little late on this but I thought about it when you first posted.

Jamie, your hair looks so cute!! I think I'm needing a haircut soon, but I know it'll look nowhere close to yours. very chic!


hi Jamie Hi chris, I miss you so much!
I just come back from my summer vacations in sardinia, how are you?
You are so beautiful in theese pictures!!!!
Love Lory

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