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August 21, 2008



LOVE that pic KK, you've got such an eye for photography buddy!

Stephanie Mah

great photos & layouts!

Cindy Moore

good info

lisa truesdell

that last LO is beyond brilliant. love the casual feeling of all the little this and thats grouped perfectly.


LOVE that top photo, Jaime! Such a great shot! You must scrap that one with the story that goes with it! Then be sure to share with us on your blog :)


Love you guys! I seriously know about baby fever! After Meghan & Rachel had their babies in June I had it bad!! However I am trying to pour all that love and desire towards my precious three kids now! I am so blessed and thankful for them.
Love ya!


Love the lay outs you made they are so beautiful. Bye Irene

Kim Ryden

I've been meaning to ask you...Do you mainly scrap your Elise? Or are those the majority of the pages that you show on your blog? Just wondering. Thanks.


lmao on the comment above me!!
cam- too handsome!! love that you got silly for that shot.
kk-why are you a better photographer than i am?
jame- baby fever? .. lol


love the jeans shot! so cute! you guys and your great temps all year round! that's awesome about Shannon!


wow jame. i can't believe you just admitted to the world that you dont buy the boys clothes.

congrats on the jeans cam!

ditto on auts.. baby fever? haha... porkchops... closets... its all coming back to me.


Love the 'hello beautiful' layout! super sweet.


absolutely love the "posed" pic of Cameron!! ...and looks like another photographer in the family huh, Caleb?? Great work!!


I love those cute pink butterfly stickers thingy in your layout -where did u get those stickers ? do they have flowers too ? I love ur LAYOUTS, they are so CUTE !!!


ALSO, the jeans...ya, he is now "STYLIN' & PROFILIN". My girl is gonna wear school uniform (private Christian PRE-K in Germany) & I don't know if thats a good thing or not, but I don't have to think " what she should wear for PRE-K today". I hope your BOY enjoys his new jeans & photography !


miss u guys soooooooooo much! <3 u guys! c u monday!


My boys are the same way. Tucker is now into Jeans as of the last two years (started at 11) and Dallon is holding out. He wears shorts 364 days a year. Has one pair of pants that might see the light of day one day a year. Tucker and are waiting to see if he does jeans this year now that he is in middle school. So funny though. Darling dress and baby btw:)


i know...i'm with IS different seeing his legs covered. The last time I saw his legs covered is when I got him the adidas track suit..ehheh :) He looks taller for some reason? hehe. looks good cam! :)
kk good shot! and love elf's pic on the 'button nose' scrapt page :)

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