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August 18, 2008



I totally feel your pain, Jaime!! My oldest just started 8th grade last week...EEEEK!! It feels just like yesterday that he was starting kindergarten and it's only one year until he is in High School...where does the time go? I'm also enjoying being back in the routine of school days and schedules. It makes life a little easier and it's nice to be able to count on certain things.

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!


I know how you feel. Jake will be in middle school for one more year, Ben in elementary and Gabriel will be in pre-school. I never know which way I am going. I love it but I do love my lazy summers too...well I don't really think they are lazy but you know late nights and sleeping in rocks!!

Stephanie Mah

great shots of the kids!
Jamie,enjoy your last few weeks of summer holiday!

corinne delis

time goes by so fast it amazes me sometimes. Love the shots!



Awesome shots, Jamie :)! Hope you all enjoy the last few weeks of summer vacation before school starts :)!


Oh yes, time flies. my little girl started school this week. No more preeschoolers in my house...strange!
Love the shots. :)


WOW!!! One in every school system.....that is WILD!!!!!! What day do they start back?


love that girl (k)! i loved hanging out that day....


high school! scary.

can i get the crew of the crew pic emailed to me in high res please?


omg, the oldest of the crew's crew..kira-koo, (hey that ryhmes, hehe) last year in middle school?!?!?! yikes! serioulsy..where DID the time go?

Kira- enjoy and make the most of your last year in middle school, I am proud & excited for you sweetie :) It was really nice having your over. You and your siblings are more than welcome to come by/sleep over anytime :)
Also, it makes me happy to see the little ones adore, listen & look up to...pretty much idolize set such a great example for them.. and you've sprouted into a beautful young lady! love yu lots!

Jae misses all her pinsans terribly, tearing up at times because she can't stop thinking of how much fun she had..and plans to write look out in the mail:)

Crew- I always enjoy & treasure our times together <3..and hope the little crew continues the tradition when they get older :) much love, hugs and kisses to YU all!! xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

P.s. wonder how big our crew will be then? :)
miss yu's!
-------------THE END---------------


oh and jame can you email the pics of the crew as well!

salmaaaat! :)


oops, i mean salAmaat! :) hehe


i misssssssssssssss u guys!
and mom i dont want to go to the doctors!
and im really mad @ the consolers 4 not giving me my schedule!!
luv k


I hope you are not offended by this but you and Chris look way too 'youthful' to have a teenager for a kid. You must both have good DNA to age so well or must eat your veggies or are drinking like 4 litres of water or something every day. Did you both secretly find the fountain of youth? Come on now-- spill your secret!

P.S. I would love some 'How to's ' on how you take such pretty pictures as well. I still struggle to try to venture off the 'auto' button on my camera cause I'm too scared otherwise. Maybe you could do a post one of these days on photos-- kind of like a really HUGE online class for all your adoring fans.....heheheh :)


to kira...such a beautiful girl. you've grown up to be such a darling young lady. i'm so proud of you. sam misses u and is extremely mad at me that you gals haven't got to hang out all summer!
we love you!!! - auntie chan


8th grade??? No way!

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