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August 12, 2008



cant wait 4 our bake-a-thon!

Stephanie Mah cute of Cam!have fun with bake-a-thon! :)


everything about this post screams cuteness!! gotta love the kiddos!!

corinne delis

hehe kids :) love the drawing of the two of you, recognized you right away ;)
have fun today!



he takes his artistic talent from his parents!


Ha! Ha! LOL :)! Also ♥ the pic that Caleb drew :)! Hope you all have a BLAST and LOTS of FUN with the bake-a-thon :)! Can't wait to see pics :)!


you're making me hungry!

tara pollard pakosta

maybe you should enlist cam in helping you blog every day?! that would be neat! he could write a little something, share some of his drawings and thoughts! would LOVE IT!
cute drawing! and have a fun rest of summer. when do you go back? we got out june 2nd cause of snow days and now we go back aug 21st. too early in my opinion!

Jen K

Ha, that is hilarious!! What a cutie. A media free day sounds kind of nice....have to wait until the olympics are over though!! :)


I Love you! Glad you blogged again!
Hugs to everyone!


Does that mean you are media-free too? I suggest a chat-a-thon. :) LOL!!

Love the portrait that kk drew! The rendition of Chris looks almost identical to himself!


Oh, the drawing of you is adorable! :)
Summer has flown away so fast here too, and it's kinda good to be back in the swing of things again. Shool starts next week here and autumn is soon here....
Hope you are fine.


I love how he colors in the cheeks! :) miss u, I hope I'll be able to free some time tomorrow to see you all.


looks just like you guys. no explanation needed.

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