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September 01, 2008



ah school. im actually excited for school haha, hard to believe!
ok and everyone reading this post my shirt does NOT, AND i REPEAT the NOT, have sweat on it. its just water. lol

Rene' Sharp

Hope you manage to settle down into your new routine again. Looks like you had a great summer though! Love your work, think I am your no. 1 fan from South Africa!

Sasha Farina

beautiful photos.... where were you ? I wanna see you! LOL :D

Stephanie Mah

you guys had a great summer.:)
and over here,we began our 1 week term break.:)

tara pollard pakosta

it seems like your summer is so short! when did your kids get out?~!
i need the schedule too, it's nice, but then when all the breaks come i am so ready for them too!
cute pics!


i'll miss summer too :(
ps- thanks for the clarification, Kira :)


yes jamie....always love the photos...but where are the ones with you in them? :)


Love the clarification that Kira made! LOL!!!

What a fun post!

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