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September 21, 2008



I love this photo! Thank you so much for the Yosemite photos. I love them!! I know how you feel where did the summer go? It flew by. I loved our Yosemite trip.

Sasha Farina

she's gorgeous Jamie.. so very gorgeous!

kelli  :)

she is beautiful.

kelli  :)

she is beautiful.


beautiful. she's such a sweet girl too :) HI KIRA!!! we miss you- especially kymora, she still talks about her ate kira and the dance.. lol


she is gorgeous!
and yeah, I agree about the part "unless something really fun is happening" part! :)


Kira continues to blossom....such a beautiful girl inside and out!!


*p/s...doesn't a beach house va-ca sound awesome??


she is SO lovely!!

tara pollard pakosta

she sure is beautifuL!
you have one terrific girl~

Stephanie Mah

Jamie, Kira is so beautiful!! and she is such a dear to her siblings.


aw, miss that girl... funny because when tala does her lil teen-tude, all i see is kira... haha... the influences one weekend can make. miss you kira!


Your daughter is beautiful -- and I hear you on the freaking out about them growing up. My 11 year old is in a size 8.5 shoe and my 6 year old (SIX YEAR OLD) is in a women's 5.5!!!! I love seeing pictures of your children -- and reading how you are learning to mother this older daughter of yours. Will you be my mentor?!?!?!


what are you trying to say?


our...little..."SOLEIL"...not so little anymore!!!xoxoxox


Ha! I'd be scared to see what my boys think would be good rules.

I do wish I had a babysitter in my house!

Love the picture of her, looks like it should be in a magazine/catalog. She is looking so grown up and tall!

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