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November 02, 2008



Hey kiddos!! You all look soooo COOOOL in your costumes!!! love it!!

lisa truesdell

loving the costumes. and glad you are back. =) i always find inspiration here, and i was missing it!!


i remember those bracelets kira!

happy halloween kiddies. you all look soo adorable, except for you cam, looking manly over there! caleb, scared of you when you get to high school and play on the team!

love you 4!


love it all! cam, you are very cool and handsome! kk, cute and tough! and yu girls know you are beautiful. kira, you are so jamie yu campus 17. pls ask her :) luv you guys.


Glad to see you are back Jamie! You have been missed. = )
Your kiddos look cute in their costumes.
It makes me feel terribly old that one of the hottest costumes this year is dressing up as kids from the 80's. My 14 yr old niece dressed up as an 80's girl too... she had the side pony tail just like I did... SCARY! Ha!

jamie k

omg, I am so glad your blog is back. i was afraid to ask what happened, but figured there must be good reason to do what you needed to do.

love the costumes...and caleb? i could just eat him up! he's so cute!


so glad you're back!! :)
the kiddos were adorable on halloween...and every other day, too!
the baby layouts you put in this month's garden makes me think about how fast time is FLYING!!!

Stephanie Mah

Hi Jamie, glad you are back! :)
love all these shots of your kids, their costumes.:)


such precious children you have. so glad you're back. i missed you dreadfully. :D


yay!! you're back! please don't ever leave again. :)

looks like you had a great halloween...hope the kids had a blast!


So glad to see you back. I was a little worried cause I know how some people can be. They all look so great!


Love you all. Great costumes! Hugs from Auntie Rachael


I am SO glad you're back. I was actually googling "jamie waters blog protected" after the second day thinking I would find some explanation somewhere. Your photos and layouts are one of my favorite sources of inspiration! Glad your family is back under one roof again - I know how miserable that can be!


Jamie, glad to see I can read your blog again!

All the kids costumes are great!

Does Elsie call her d-d-d-d-dora too? Cayla tells me "I watch d-d-d-d-dora (like the intro song)? So funny. One day, when we finally get these two together, they can bond over all their Nick Jr and Playhouse Disney shows LOL.

Hope you are doing well!

Joy U

Seeing those jelly bracelets on Kira made me laugh! I had a ton of those back in the day. Thumbs up on the stitching for Cam's costume. Happy you're back.


The costumes are great! Kira looks way too grown-up though! How did that happen?!?!? :)


Aw, cute pics! I totally love the dragon-tude.

laura t.

so happy to have your blog back - sorry there was an issue - hope you had a treatfilled halloween!

Chris Dodaj

Soooo happy your blog is viewable again!! the costumes are adorable!! Have a great week, Jamie!!


Oh so glad everything is working again!!! Missed your blog ;-)


I'm glad your back also. I missed whatever happened, but I was happy to see that I could visit this morning without the password box popping up. :)

Kathy (kathyb)

Glad to have you back Jamie, and to be able to share in your world and your work. I too missed whatever happened, but hope you and your little family are well and safe.Love the costumes and the photos. Thank you for sharing them.

Kathy (kathyb)

Just posted a comment and I think I've lost it? Glad to see you back. Thankyou for sharing your photos and work with us.


Your kids are just too cute.
Glad you are back :)


so glad you're back! i was missing your photos and bloggin...

hope everything is ok now!

and it looks like halloween was a success!

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