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November 05, 2008



j, you have the cutest family
love the jumping pics of course :)

Sasha Farina

ah Tokyo... the land of everything cute!! :D

tara pollard pakosta

he is such a sweet fun dad! love those shots! and please share more of those 636 shots!!!!!i went crazy the first half of 2008 and have so many pictures i can't see straight, but this 2nd half of the year, not so much..november always seems to be a month of no photos for me. so i want to pick up my camera and be more aware !
thanks for sharing your familY!

melissa deakin

i always love to see your beautiful photos, jamie.
such a gorgeous family.
so happy your family is reunited.
it is hard when our hubbies are gone, isn't it?


wow c and k got some hops! i see how you are trying to squeeze yourself in there now (pic wise) :)

Jessi all the photos......utah......december....I'm sending subliminal!


OMG those pictures are priceless! I know you're gonna scrap it! Can't wait to see!!! You have such an adorable family!!!


Stephanie Mah all the shots!!


Your family is so beautiful- inside and out! I love the jumping photos- looks like Elsie is thinking very hard about something! LOL!


LOL-what is els doing? :)she's adorable! cracked me up! great shots jame...i'm sure we'll see els jumpin soon:)


That is so funny about Els's jumping skills. It seems to be right up there with Alexa's. Can you imagine doing a jumping shot with Els and'll have to have some great camera skills to catch that! lol

kelli  :)

ohh gosh. these pictures are sooo cute! love it :)


cool jump shots! welcome home chris!

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