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November 30, 2008



Wow, who knew they had ice skating in LA! Looks like fun!


oooooh! i love outdoor rinks :) i didn't know there was on in santa monica - i've been to the one in pershing square but it was a tad too tiny for my taste.


Oh, how cool is this!! I LOVE ice-skating :) Think I'm gonna bring my kids to the outdoor ice today - 1st of december..... we use to do something together everyday in december - just something like skating, skiing, making some coockies, some x-mas gifts.......good way to start off the season! Thanks for reminding me of the skates. :)
And have a great december!

Stephanie Mah

how fun!! i have not try ice-skating before.:p

sasha farina

beautiful photos Jamie.. Els.. LOL.. love that picture of her and Chris skating.. such joy.


Looks like fun. My kids have never been ice skating....I'm sure they would love it.

Jessica Fulkerson

Ooooh, I was just over that way and forgot they had that every year. I've gotta go try it out!

Everything went live at The Grove a few days ago so I'm waiting to see when that (if ever) gets old. Right now its still magical ;)


i love elf's beanie!!! those pics are too cute.


Poor little girl cries too when it's time to leave something she's doing.

Love the daddy/daughter photos, they are precious.

melissa deakin

looks like such a fabulous time.
my boys went skating too this weekend, but it wasn't nearly as pretty or warm! ;)
yay for Starbucks!


we have to all go together next time! the girls would love to ice skate with you guys!


I love all of those pics. It looks like so much fun! A perfect Christmas thing to do. We should do that or plan some fun things to do while we are in town. Give my love to everyone! Miss you tons!

jamie k

it's too bad we don't live closer to each other. Mike plays hockey (both ice and roller) and he could totally teach Caleb how to skate!

happy Monday Jamie!

Amy Tangerine

so fun! you all were sort of in my neck of the woods!


Very cool!!!! I still think you should come back to the Olympic Oval to go skating....SOON! :)


omg!!! now THAT looks like fun!!! And the photos you took....*sigh*....can't wait to see what you create with them!! :)


Your pictures are gorgeous. I was wondering what camera and lens do you use?


I love the one of Chris and Els skating! So cute Jame!

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