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November 18, 2008



Happy Birthday Cam! I remember the moment you were born. I was at the hospital right in the doorway as you entered the world. It amazes me that 10 years has past since then. I am also amazed at what an incredible young man Cameron has become well not really look at who is raising him. We love you Cam!! You are so special.


I loved reading your post. The clear cubbie thing is called an isolette. :) Happy Birthday to Cameron! Double digits... wahoo!


Happy birthday Cameron!!!



Happy Birthday Cameron! How did he get to 10 so fast?!!? That's crazy!

melissa deakin

i love what you wrote so much.
makes my heart smile.
this parenting thing is bittersweet, isn't it?
happy birthday, cameron.
may all your wishes come true!


I follow your blog but have never commented. Your pictures are beautiful.

I have a ten year old too and this post just spoke to me and got me all teary eyed. I can SO relate! Happy Birthday C!


So sweet. It's obvious you are a loving momma to your kids.

What do you do with these boards you make? Do you take everything off or keep them as is? Seems like you would be inundated by now:)


Happy Happy Birthday Cam!! You sweet sweet Sweetheart!! Kili and I can't wait to see you!!!

tara pollard pakosta

Happy Birthday Cameron!
He sounds like an amazing son! you are so beyond blessed!!!! save him for one of my girls someday please!



happy birthday cam! I LOVE YOU! and miss you.


Happy birthday to Cam! *sob, sob* (I'm so mushy lately!)


i loved that you sap! happy birthday, cam! such a great young man.

cameron waters

Thank you for posting about me on your blog mom!
Thanks for all of the presents and taking me to souplantation for my birthday.It was a really fun night. I LOVE YOU MOM!


Happy Birthday Cam!


What a glorious tribute to the kid who I'm sure I'd totally dig if I ever met him.

Happy birthday to both of you. =)


Happy Birthday little man!
p.s. i love the decorating

Amy Emery

Our son just turned eight. I remember after he was born, it seemed everyone commented on how fast the time would go. It made me laugh. And now, wow. Our prayer as parents is that our children would grow up to have a heart for God. What an amazing blessing for your son to read your words about him. And love that he commented back. :) P.S. I just ordered Angel Wars DVDs for the public library where I work. Looking forward to seeing them with the kids.


Happy birthday to Cameron and Jamie I have to agree they grow so fast. Bye Irene


happy 10th to cam!
my son just turned double digits this month too!!!...time is going W*A*Y too fast!
enjoy his special day!

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