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December 03, 2008



Yay, i'm so exicted to see that you're doing a December Daily album. I love your style and can't wait to see what you come up with to inpsire us.

Stephanie Mah

Jamie, awesome projects! :)


beautiful color combos!!!!! gonna have to steal that.


WHOA!!! I love this post. All the yumminess of the layouts, and wow on the journal. I wish I could see it all in person. :)


I love all of those LO's and the journal idea. Is is a page or scrap journal idea for each day of December?? so cool


whoa! what's that book thingy! do tell!!! lmao on els southern drawl.


your elsie is to cute!!! :)


I am right there with you on the "not getting stressed out" thing... I've been wanting to do the Ali Christmas album thing too..maybe AFTER Christmas...?!


I love this journal, fun filled with yummy goodies. I can only go for a simplier one, because I don't have sooooo many goodies to play with :(

Susan D.

love the new layouts and your daily journal!! good stuff!


beautiful journal...

do you know what that paper is on the first photo? (the pink and blue it)...with your photos of your family this journal will be even more beautiful!!!

enjoy the season...


Love your journal !
There's so much cool stuff to look at :)


Oh wow! Totally puts my December Journal to shame!

ashley bugg

love these. *so* inspiring.

cathy B

Very inspiring, love your Christmas journal.


love very you


omg...i love it all. you're awesome jame. i love these posts!

Jennifer McKinney

De-lurking to comment on the Ye-ah layout. The journaling struck a cord with me because my son just started doing the same thing about 2 weeks ago. My cousin was visiting and he only spent a couple of hours with her, but now he has this southern accent. "Ye-ah." "I do it mah-se-yalf." Etc. Cracks me up.

I hadn't thought of documenting this little quirk, but your LO has inspired me. I know this stage in his life will be sooo brief and I want to remember it!


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