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December 05, 2008



aawww!!! soooo happy you guys enjoyed our day as much as we did! More playdates we say!!
And oh my goodness.....this KI project is killer!!! It's sooo pretty I wouldn't want to open it...then again...there's chocolate! lol! I just might have to steal this idea from ya!!!

Stephanie Mah

beautiful shots of the kids.:) and your mom is such a sweet lady.:) and i love the KI project too.:)
Have a great weekend!


Love all your pictures! Beautiful, as allways.

And the Decemberalbum you posted here earlier is AMAZING!!
I joined Alis December-album too :)
Do you post your pages on the flickr-group? my screen-name there is gudrik ;)
Hope you have a merry and bright december.



Love the pics (of course!)and the present-a-day for the grandkids...that's so fun!
S (aka Facebook Friend) ;)

cathy b

Your mother is so thoughtful, Your family is lucky to have her.


jae enjoyed mama's gifts too-so excited and looking forward to open her next gift!

love elsie's grubby feet ;)

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