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January 21, 2009


Stine Byager

Really GREAT picture of you and Chris.


you guys make a stunning couple. and what about c's parents? hot, huh?! kira is beauuuutiful as well, of course.


you are just stunning!!! love Kira expression...too cute!!


woooOOoow!! you look so cute!!!

by paLLina


You guys are so gorgeous, Jamie! Kira is becoming quite the photographer!!

Katrinna J.

What a lovely couple you guys make.
Jamie, it's a treat to see you all dolled up! Pretty! Can't wait to see Kira dress up for her winter formal.

leslie lightfoot

you are absolutely breathtaking in that photo. dang!
kira has a good eye for photography...she doesn't come by it strange!


I adore that first photo! WOW! You guys look amazing!

Stephanie Howell

gosh you guys are beautiful. sigh.


Just lovely, Jamie. Soo beautiful but I must say you radiate from the inside out and that is evident even in a photo!

jamie k

LOVE that picture of you and Chris. you are a super handsome couple!!


OMG look at you 2, such a beautiful couple!



flash back from your wedding. man, you guys haven't changed a bit. cant wait to see kira's formal pics.


I love that photo of you and Chris. Can't believe how fast our girls are growing up. Kira is beautiful.

Stephanie Mah

You guys look gorgeous!! and i also adore those pics of you & Kira.:)
Have a great weekend!

Christina Hill

You two look so sweet.


What a fantastic photo of the 2 of you. You guys sure are a beautiful couple!

Kim Henkel

U look always. Magic Castle is fun huh? We go often. We have friends that r members. The séance room is fun and love edna the piano.


Wow you guys are such a lovely couple. You can totally see the love you share in the photo. The photos of you and Kira are so sweet.Time flies can't wait to see the formal photos.

Joy U

You two look so beautiful! Love love love your dress.


Beautiful picture of the two of you!

Maryangella Haberman

What a sweet picture, you are a stunning couple. The apple did not fall far from the tree, great job on the picture Kira!

Raquel M

Oooh, I absolutely LOVE the Magic Castle. It's been a few years since I've been there. Glad you had a great time! I LOVE dressing up!

Aunty Jo

What a fun family evening!!!! Rusty and I are green with envy. Hope you had fun with B&B - everyone I must say is looking absolutely stunning!!!! Kira of course is model materialxxxxxxx

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