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January 14, 2009



Love those photos! I guess we both need a lot of patience. I have a little girl who just turned two and sometimes she can be a handful. She's always on the go and at two, she's also starting to reason with me. There are times I just want to cry but I pause and take a deep breathe and then she gives me that big smile and she's my little angel again. Haha kids!


So, these are all film? From what camera?

Shannon Tidwell

love that grin on the 2nd to last!!!!!!


Oh Jamie, I can SOOOOOOO sympathise with you!! My nearly 4 year old is driving me with the "but Why's"... and she can go from angel to the exorcist in 7 seconds...
Some one once said to me it's the Terrific Twos, Terrible Threes and Fantastic Fours...


Sorry that should read "driving me nuts"... LOL!!!

Stephanie Mah

love all those photos.:) sorry that you need to pull your hair reading this,remind me of my Laurenne when she was 3.:)


yeah, can't get mad at that lil thing. 1st pic, dangerous!

Jung A

cute! i try so hard to be mad at my almost 3 yr old daughter, but it's just too funny sometimes!!

Stephanie Howell

oh girl,
i get it. i really really really do.
it's infuriating isn't it.
but oh, when they are sweet, they are really really sweet...and they make you fall in love with them all over again. ;)

Amy Tangerine

she is adorable.
sooo dang adorable!


Couldn't agree more with the age issue. Terrible two's - no not really, but terrible three's - definitely! My youngest is 3 and a half and boy he's feisty at the moment, I'm hoping it's just a temporary thing!


Have you ever seen the Spongebob episode where the father is driving in a car with his kid and the kid has an ice cream cone and is crying and the father says to him, "but you said you wanted pistachio!" That is totally my two year old right now!


That first photo is so beautiful, so still....not like a 3 year old! I love its calmness!


That is so my 2.5 year old right now. Especially the flip-flopping of wanting things. I'll say it's time to eat and she'll say "No, i don't want to eat." Then 5 seconds later "I have to eat!"

I'm trying to take deep breaths and have patience too but it sure is hard. Good thing i love her so much:)


go figure....can't tell you coax her to take these pics...the camera just LOVES her!! i'm especially loving the shots with Mommy and Daddy....sooooo sweet!! :)

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