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January 26, 2009


chris jenkins

thank you for posting the pictures i wanna see when it comes to cha! love all the fun and inspiring stuff :)


Thanks for all the peeks J.
I was dying to see some shots from the floor.


i like heidi's display. reminds me of images in the j crew, crewcuts catty that i loved this fall. i have to try something like it at home!


thank you thank you thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos!! can't wait to use all these goodies and scrap w/ya!! :)

jamie k

omg. i think this post alone might relight the fire under my preggo bum!


question... can anyone go to cha or do you have to be in the "industry"?
I think it would be so cool to go take a look at all the goodies. =}
Thanks for letting us see some of what you saw today.


FUN! Who makes that photo spinner thing?


Thanks so much for sharing these pics! Almost makes me feel like I'm there (well, without the shoulder or foot ache. ;) )
Glad you're having fun - hope you can get some sleep too!

Stephanie Mah

Jamie, thanks for sharing all those awesome products.:)

sasha farina

ah! prettiness all around. . the wall with layouts --->> so cool eh? :D

Christina Hill

Oh my gosh what a fantastic place that would be. All you attendees are so lucky. Wonderful photos. Love the goobery one of you. heehee Thanks for sharing your experiences.


Love all the peeks Jamie!


what a crazy place to be. i think i'd get confused there. i love that you do what you love jame. and are so good at it.


I am so envious at the fact that you got to go this year..eek! :) I went last year and had the best time...I was excited for weeks afterwards! thanks for sharing the pictures :)


Great to see you at the show. We have a lot of the same faves. =)

Katrinna J.

Great to see all the goodies.
Can anyone come or do you have to own a store? I haven't been to any scrapbook convention. :-( Hopefully this year.


Hi Jamie! I'm the dork that stopped you and said "you're Jaime Waters". I was as excited to see you as others were to see Paris. Ha ha. Just curious...did you make it to paint a ceramic cupcake? I realized after you left that you all love cupcakes and how this was a perfect project for you!

Gwen =)

Sarah Mullanix

Amazing pics of CHA...TFS!



awesome review Jamie
I swear we are excited by the exact same things
love the turny thing


love all this inspiration. especially love the pic of you. ;-) loved seeing you! xoxo

Carly Hack

Thanks so much for the awesome pics of CHA - I have read about it but not seen many pictures. Would love to go, but just a tad expensive to travel from Australia.
Looks like some awesome products coming up!

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