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January 02, 2009


Amy missing Santa Barbara and UCSB...seeing you all in short sleeves makes me jealous,'s cold and rainy up here in norcal!
Great pics, thanks for sharing. Your kids are adorable!

jamie k

you have the raddest little clan there.

maybe having 4 isn't such a far-off idea...especially if they turn out as cute as yours :)


Gorgeous. I SO want to go there some day.

Stephanie Mah

aww.....beautiful! love all those photos.:)

Have a great weekend!


I love that your BIG girl and your LITTLE girl are so close despite the age difference - amazing pics, J!


I need to go there! :) Looks so fun!


Thanks for sharing your SB day! I love that shot of Kira she is so gorgeous!! & those cute ones of E and her together so sweet. Love you!!


i haven't been up to SB in a long time! the boy went to UCSB so we've been talking about maybe taking a weekend trip there sometime...this makes me really want to go!

Tamara Nicole

GORGEOUS pics, looks like fun there:-)


Beautiful pictures!

Christina Hill

Ah what beautiful pictures and memories you have there. I love the one of you and her looking off and away into the distance. You have a gorgeous family.

marnie flores

jamie, i love how you capture the beauty of the relationships in your sweet family. just magic.

marnie flores

jamie, i love how you capture the beauty of the relationships in your sweet family. just magic.

Tina Cockburn

We were up in that area this weekend, too. In Carpenteria, actually. I love it up there! My uncle works at the university and is an alumni as well.

Love your photos, as usual!


love those pics. and my bro (mr. b!) went to ucsb too :P it's nice up there.


I grew up in So. Cal and went to college in San Luis Obispo. I would drive thru Santa Barbara on my way to and home from college. Now I've lived in snowy Colorado for 20 years. Thanks for the photos that bring back good memories.

Melissa  Deakin

how absolutely lovely.
love that polaroid.
these photos make me happy!


as always, so lovely :)


what a fun day. how come we dont do that when i come down? instead you want to go to the zoo?!?! kira, your face looks just like your mama's when she was that age, that lil smirk with your mouth. there's so much behind it... part genuinely happy, part rudely sarcastic.

Shannon Tidwell

What a beautiful day!!!!


You have a LOVELY family. I can't help but check your blog & see what's up. Behind a LOVELY family, are the hardworking parents. So-WOW, keep up the great job !


As always, love your posts. When you say "polaroid" are you talking about the instant "click and shoot" cameras from way back in the day?

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