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January 06, 2009


Stephanie Mah

aww....E is sooo adorable.:) sometimes i do wish that i can have the power to turn my girls into baby again.hehe!

love your pages too.!

Lastly,i realise you have change your photo on the left side of your blog, awesome shot!!

Have a great week!


Wow! Those are really beautiful pages. Cute photos too! Sometimes I wish my little 2 year old girl was a baby again when she just slept throughout the day. Now she's always on the go and really sleeps late. Oh well, she's still a sweetheart despite her super playfulness.

Christina Hill

Adorable pice and beautiful layouts. I'm especially loving the superboy ones. :)

Anne Thompson

Loving your LO's. Man, your kids sure are cute!!!


Awww, i know what you mean about going back in time. I love that picture of Elsie...she looks so sweet and peaceful. And i love her chunky thighs:)


Elsie is so absolutely adorable. I actually was going through old archived posts of yours to find when she was a tiny baby -- when I first found your blog and was captured by the photos of your family.

I always say that Heaven, for me, would be a long hallway of doors. And behind each door is a different stage in the life of my daughters. One door holds a rocking chair and the little scrappy newborn. One door has a two year old laughing and hugging me. For all those moments that I sigh and wish for just one more hug, one more rock, one more tiny little baby moment -- that would be a heavenly reward for me.


Me too Jamie I want my babies back I have the baby bug sooo bad!! Elsie is so precious in that photo. So tiny. Love ya!!


hmmmmm....maybe we wouldn't be so baby nostalgic if we didn't go into super cute baby stores with the most adorable baby items!! ...nah....we'd still ache for the little.tiny.babiness!! i feel ya!! lol!!! 3 is just too soon around the corner!!!




i love your pages. always. every single one.

oh, and might i just nibble that thigh? though i am done, this makes me want one more for just a minute...


love the movie one!

Stephanie Howell

a. I MUST AVERT MY EYES FROM THAT PHOTO! it is giving me baby fever and w/ j. due home on R&R in a few weeks, that is NOT a good thing.
b. those layouts...sigh. your pages always make me happpppy!


Oh, the layout of Caleb as Superman made me laugh - great photos and great fun layout. Shame we don't have those great red phone boxes here in England anymore.

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