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January 19, 2009



So, would it be wrong to spend $158 on a ticket just to see you and visit Dots? LOL!! :)

Cindy C

How cute! Jamie and Mike were telling me that Cayla and Elsie would totally get along and be little chatty friends. If only we didn't live an hour apart and had big kids in school...

One of these days though, I'm going to have to meet you guys at dots too! :)

Christina Hill

What a lovely book. Will have to keep an eye out for that one. My daughter and I love to sack out across my bed and pore through cookbooks like they were picture novels.

Stephanie Mah

cupcakes!! i want!! :p
love these photos of E.:) sweetness.:)

jamie k

we're fans of treats too. I think Mike and I may now be Dots fans. and you're right...the Chocolate Mint ones were guh-ood. but then again, so was the Red Velvet (thank for Chris for the suggestion), and I liked the raspberry cheesecake one too. I still need to try the lemon drop and strawberry lemonade ones too.

just let Elsie know that the next time I come up to visit, she's gonna have to help me watch the baby... :)


LOVE els' smile!! that's so cute how curious she was about the baby ;)

sigh...i have yet to try dot's :(


yummy!!!!! i love her face too!


You guys are so cute with your cupcakes and sweet smiles. Love you!




Oh! I have that book and I love it too!


I was thinking I might be crazy to be so obsessed with Dots from so far away (Ohio) -- but then I saw Jessi's comment -- and she had actually considered travel just to get to them, too. Then again, I make most of my travel plans around the food!!! Beautiful pictures, gorgeous daughter, and best of luck to your friend with the baby coming!!


oooh yeah...i have elsie pics from that day too. i should send them to you :)


okay, i don't enjoy cake [yes to brownies tho!] BUT those look divine!!
...i may be converted after seeing that pic of those adorable cupcakes!

too bad i'm on the other side of the country. :o(

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