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February 12, 2009



he he, i have a daugter the same age as elsie, and i can sooo imagine her saying some of those. ashlinn's taken to saying "oh my gosh!" at the moment - and i have no idea where she got it from!

i love the idea of a patterned-on-the-inside card! (i've totally stolen that... thanks!)


Stephanie Mah

beautiful card & photos of E! :)
i kept smiling while i read the conversation between E & you.:) made my day!

Have a great weekend!


Best. Post. Ever.*
*(that does not feature birth announcement)

jamie k

the dinner comment made me laugh. I had to read it to Mike too. I'm trying to imagine our Keira having a personality like that...and wearing stylish clothes like Elsie too :)


that is too funny! i love it!


hehe... not just to you. funny to me, too. can't wait for my daughter to start talking!

Shannon Tidwell

Love that card! What is the butterfly? So funny about him writing on the outside.....:) Els is so cute. I wish we could get her and Crew together.


Love this post! Elsie is adorable :)


you kids are just super!
how adorable elsie is... i would love to get my daughter (just turned 3 today) meet her someday and seehow they'd communicate;D


she is just too cute!


kinda funny??? um, how about hilarious :-)
it's posts like these that keep me coming back for more of your sweet family stories!!

Danielle Nilsson

Your little Elsie and my little girl Kennedy would get along so well!!! They have the same type of humour :)


Tina Cockburn

What a bunch of characters!


bahahahaha! ethan would so write on the front too
that isn't for my brother is it? he's an ingrate. ;P


She sounds totally adorable! It's no wonder you guys love her so much! Enjoy your time, have a great weekend!


I have a good laugh after reading your post! Thanks! I missed those days where my kids would talked all sorts of funniest things that made us laughed and laughed. Now they are many many years away from the most innocent age.


I am laughing!! She is so stinking cute aaaahhhhh hug for me please and tell her not to forget her Auntie & how much I love her!!

Stephanie Howell

that card is all kinds of gorgeous.

and i LOVE the things she says. they totally make me giggle. i think if elsie and harper got together it would be a total trip. heee!


i'm so glad my two year old jessica is not the only one using the word disgusting! thanks for sharing jamie! love the card, caleb's note, and elsie's pics.

Katrinna J.

Elsie is so funny and smart for her age. Incredible! Your card is beautiful! Have a Happy Valentines Day!!!


I love your funny quotes from Elsie -- I think a family that values humor and laughing with each other is stronger than one who doesn't. It keeps you going in the tougher times.

I personally had to laugh at your parenthetical comment that 55 degrees was too cold! That's the difference, in a nutshell, between Ohio winter and SoCal winter. Whereas it was too cold for you (and eventually Elsie), we had 55 the other day and I had to convince my daughters that, while it was okay to wear capri pants, they could NOT break out the flip flops or tank tops just yet! And YES, a coat (even a light one) must still travel with you to school and to play! And to come in after dark, when it had fallen quickly into the 40s!


"me: elsie, time for a nap.
elsie: princesses don't do that. "

that comment from Elsie made me think of a book that my little girl loves (also the same age as Elsie) its called "do princesses wear hiking boots" and "princesses go to sleep after they've counted 500 sheep" don't rememeber the author though


omg.....these Elsie quotes are such a crack up!!! love it!!


I was seriously LOL!!! So funny! Natalie has that same top... hers is pink and grey! It's summer here in NZ so she wears it without the long sleeve underneath. :)
Miss you guys!!!


LOL! Elsie is too cute and FUNNY! jae was cracking up on the "my brothers will destroy you" comment using her star wars voice! LOVE it! oh pls give elf a BIG hug and kiss for us!
the whining comment made me LOL ;)

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