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March 19, 2009



cute butterfly catcher!

Yaraslava Harris

Omg how your little girl has grown. She is downright adorable!! I remember her when she was so tiny!! where have the years gone?!?!


love coming home to smiles. even better, a smiling butterfly catcher. :)


my little guy did the same thing today! We had several butterflies in our front yard today... must be Spring!


She is such a cute butterfly catcher !! I love the last face...cmon Mom!! So toot!!
Love ya!!


SO cute! I get that grumpy look a lot from Grant too!

Stephanie Mah

lol.....such a sweet butterfly catcher. :) love all those shots!


LOL...what cute shots...Elsie's last one is such a classic!!


P.S Congrats on the Angel Wars news!! so so SO exciting!


did you catch any butterflies, Els?


Hi, Jamie! Just wanted to say we're so excited to look for Angel Wars in stores. Hope it hits Philippine shores soon. My 4-year-old son watched the sneak peek videos you posted like 5 times just this morning.

Congrats on such a wonderful family keepsake!

And Els is so cute, as always! =)


Jackie Hughes

Hi Jamie! I am the winner of the Angel Wars contest, and I haven't received an email from you, so just thought I'd contact you. Looking forward to hearing from you. . .

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