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March 17, 2009



I would love to receive a copy of Angel Wars! Would it be good for girls? I have two little girls.


Congrats Chris for all your hard work! So exciting! :)


sooooo soooooo happy for all of you!!! I can't wait to see this for myself!!! :)

Julie F

I would love to get copy of Angel wars. My kids love star wars and avatar, so I'm sure they would love it. Congratulations and goodluck!


This sounds like a movie right up my three boys' alley! I will have to check it out. Congratulations!


Congrats and God bless. I remember when it was just a dream and now look!! Many blessings and to God be all Glory and Honor and Praise!!! xoxoxox

kelli  :)

Wow!!! This is exciting!! Congrats on the release of this "labor of love." The video production looks sooooo good!

p.s your link "picked up a copy" is not working. FYI

Cass M

really liked the sneak peek!
good on you, chris!!


congrats chris! man, where does the talent end with you two...

Jackie Hughes

Looks like a great DVD with some good lessons to learn. My boys would really like it, and I'm a scrapper!! :) Thanks for the chance to win!


Wow!! This is so great! :)


our kids don't watch TV/movies but I know how much you love your husband and how proud you are of him!


My son LOVES Star Wars so I'm sure he would LOVE this and I LOVE scrappy goodness!!!

heather (h2)

good. stuff.


Congratulations Chris! I am embarrassed to say I had never heard of Angel Wars until now. . .going to get a copy though!

Mary Ann

Thanks for mentioning that kids who love Star Wars would like the movie. I now know my 8 year old son will!
Love your seeds in the 2 Peas garden this month...I especially like the "a conversation on Monday" layout.
I haven't tried the digi thing yet, but I might try after seeing how you did the stitching :)


congrats chris and love how you are so 100% behind him. blessings and good sales to you xx


ps..just watched your little sneek the

'guess i just gotta have faith!" line


Just_Mandy :-)

this is so weird! I got an email from a Kids Newsletter at my church and I saw the name Chris Water and I saw his picture .... he looked very familiar and then I realized where I knew that name and face. I immediately came over to your site to check and make sure ... lo and behold, it was him. CONGRATS that is SO awesome!



We will definitely be looking into a copy for my dd and my dh! They are both going to love it!

tammy g

So excited to share Angel Wars with my sons ( I have three). They are super big fans of Star Wars and I can't wait to see what they think.


Wow! How cool, Jamie! How great that Chris gets to follow his passion, too! My hubby loves making movies,too, but quit "the industry" a while ago and misses it. My 2 boys are huge star wars fans! I am going to introduce them to angel wars! Thanks for sharing! :-)))


Yeah!! I am so excited for you guys!! Happy Angel Wars release day!! WE LOVE IT TOO!!
Love ya!


I saw it on the Blockbuster list of to be released DVDs. Congratulations!


awesome! it must be a very exciting day for you all! congrats & i will be letting my husband know about the dvd...he's the star wars fan in this house. :)

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