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March 17, 2009


Kimberly Yu

I would love a copy - Love reading your blogs (filled w/ creativity and loving moments w/ family). Mom of 3 (the 3rd one is on its way) - Working mom but struggling to be there for them as much as possible....

Ana F.

We love Star Wars in our house. I have 2 boys so you can imagine. I just watched the clip and it looks so cool!! I know my boys will love Angel Wars.


congrats on yet another accomplishment! this is soooo exciting!!

my little one is only 9 months old, but I'll be sure to keep it safe until he's ready ;)


Congrats Chris!!!
I am sure my little guy would love to watch it... we will check it out for sure. Love reading your blog! You have such a beautiful family Jamie!!


Congrats on the movie! This looks awesome!! I don't think it'll come to norway, but if it does I'm sure it'll be a hit. :)

Have a great week.



congratulations on the angel wars release! i have a 9-yr-old star wars fan who would love this!


My husband came home from a YS conference a few years ago with a copy of the the first Angel Wars...and our son has been obsessed with it ever since! I cannot tell you how many, many, MANY times that poor DVD has been played. I think I know exactly what the Easter Bunny is going to put in his basket this year =)

Megan Renfree

Oh that is so cool! My kids are star wars fanatics. I am a total "original star wars trilogy" fan but both my kids love both and are currently glued to the new clone wars series on tv. Do you know where they are selling this in New Zealand? or if they are? Sounds like a great one to get my boys!

ady abreu

My son and I just saw it and he gave it a thumbs up... You did good Chris. Will definitely pick one up soon. Well as soon as my little one isn't punished anymore. I will definitely support Angel Wars in Walmart, Facebook and anywhere else. I would love a t-shirt though...

laura t.

so much artistic talent in one family is hardly fair ;) congrats on the new release..looking forward to seeing it! and thanks for the chance!

cindy barriga

I have a Dad that absolutely loves Star Wars. I hope that counts. True story. Dad was such a fan of the movies that when I was less than 6 months old he took me and Mom to watch the movie in the theatre. The showing was completely full but because they saw me they gave all three us seats in a special area of the theatre. Dad was ecstatic. To this day seeing part two in theatre is his favorite memory from my babyhood. :D

Amber Scurlock

Wow, that is so cool! Congratulations! =D

KarenK in CA

Congratulations to you all on this labor of love! My DS is 4 and would just love it. Thanks for the chance to win! I love your blog BTW and such cute images of your kids.


Wow congrats! I think my nephews would love angel wars. I'd give the prize to them if I win. :)

Dawn P

Oh man, I am going to get this today! I've got an 8-year-old girl that LOVES Star Wars and I know she will love this! Congrats to Chris!


Oh my goodness! My two kids are SUPER excited about the Angel Wars movie. SUPER EXCITED! And their mama is a Jamie Waters scrapbook fan :-) I had no idea there was a connection between the two!!!

We would LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie and t-shirts!!!!

Thanks so much! You have totally made our day!!!!!! Although, I might have to wait to tell the kids. Otherwise it will be, "when will it be here" every other minute :-)

May God bless you BIG TIME for your generosity!!!


Julie Coryell

Had my husband pick up a copy today. He showed it to my two girls 10 and 8 as well as my two nieces and nephew while he was taking them home to Arizona. He just called to say "they totally love this Angel Wars movie" my niece said it is way better than Star Wars! I read your blog all the time and I'm so glad that we can support such a great project. Keep them coming and we'll keep buying them!

Julie in NM


Jaimie, I've been following your blog for quite a while! You amaze me with your energy, enthusiasm and constant flow of creative juices! Congrats on the release of Angel Wars! I will definitely include it in my Easter baskets :) Many blessings!

Leigh Penner

Oh, I think I'm too late to enter.
I just saw this now...
My kids are huge angel wars fans!! They'll be thrilled to hear there's a movie out!

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