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March 09, 2009



lol cuute! kai loves to dig holes too! he uses a soup spoon .. haha.
we grew out our crocs too. we now have velcro converse! anyway, the kids are getting so big, jame.. love the shots.


maybe she wore socks cuz it was freaking cold today! :P~

and tell me about it. ethan almost missed the schoolbus for a field trip cuz of the time change. that and me setting the alarm for 8 instead of 7. derrr.


we just bought those cupcake sandals at Target too and since it was cold here today but she refused to take them off she was sporting the sandal+sock look too! Maybe they'll start a 3 year old fad! :)


such sweet sweet shots....and love the boys new haircuts!!! :)


Oh my how homesick those photos make me feel tonight! I loved that we got to chat and catch up today! I love those cute kids! Give them all my love and hug that mom for me to the next time you see her. Miss her! Luvs!

Stephanie Mah all those shots! :)
i will get a week off next week.:)


What adorable kids! I love the great totally captured the day! What kind of camera,lens are you using?


So very cute :)!

Linda Beeson

What adorable photos! It is just so fun to capture children in the act of being children!!!


Alexa has the one that Kira voteed for :)
Lucky that the kids were off!


how refreshing! a monday off is so different than a sat or sun. very special. beautiful pics. beautiful grammie.


awwwwww!!! such sweetness! :)

emily s.

the one of her in the garden is TOO cute! What a fun day off!

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