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March 24, 2009



Your LOs are beautiful Jamie! and your little Els is SO cute!

Have a great week my friend.


busy... dont know how you do it jame


These are precious--Elsie is a little doll. Thanks for sharing your art!

Kim H.

I'm with ya on the keeping the teenagers busy, except I have a 14 year old boy that I'm trying to keep away from the mysterious girls. :)

He's really into basketball and his development coach told him that his girlfriend for the next few years will be named either Wilson and Spaulding. I like that idea!

Love your pages too!

sasha farina

you amaze me Jamie! 4 kids and doing all these... i have 2 and already short of breath! LOL..

Stephanie Mah

lol.......i do love my girls busy with sports activities too! :)

love your layouts too! :)

cindy barriga

I hope you never tire of reading this but you are inspiring. I love looking at all your pages. They always give me ideas. Thanks! :D

Myra Marangi

What kind of camera/lens are you using, Jamie? Beautiful pictures!!

Hena Tayeb

great work, really nice and you have gorgeous kids.


ADORABLE!! I just love looking at your creative layouts. Any pointers on how you get started on one of these creations...I have all these products and don't know where to start....would love some advice =)


Those LOs are so cute! I love them all. So colorful and Elsie's so pretty too.


love 'em j! go kira! kira remember, boys are gross!!! ;)

Jules De Lumen

Jamie,that first photo of Elsie (with the dark background and pink and white scarf) is just awesome. That is one absolutely brilliant photo. WOW!!! My hat goes off to you. Yes, what camera and lense are you using?

mary patterson-ezzell

jamie - elsie is such a super cutie!! :) & these layouts of her are simply just fabulous! thx for the wonderful inspiration!! :) m-


lub the layouts!!! the digi one is amazing!!!

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