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March 03, 2009


sasha farina

too cute. . . so glad she had a great daY!

Stephanie Mah

aww...she is just too sweet! :)

Sarah Mullanix

I love to see girls doing what they like and not having to stick to just "girly" things!


jamie k

its ok, i was a gi joe girl myself.


Oh, happy birthday in arrears. She is the cutest.
What a good thing to be able to play no matter if it is girls-stuff or boys stuff. :)


dont you love that! :)


Happy Birthday Elsie! She just misses her brothers while their in school and wants to play with their stuff! :)


My boys love those mini men too! They can play for hours together with them. Creating whole worlds in our living room! We love you Else!! Hugs!


cute! kyks is the same way :) mm, actually, so is kainoa. cheetah girls and cars. go figure.


That is so cute. My little girl likes to play with boys toys sometimes too (little robots, cars, balls). Sometimes it bothers me but then I realized if she enjoys playing with them then I guess it's ok. :)

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