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April 02, 2009



What grand plans! Good for you!


On a different note, my son and daughter ( 8 and 7 ) just LOVED your movie Angel Wars. I also thought it was nicely done. All I hear is Eli this and Kira that. They watch it over and over. They want to know when the next one will come out. We are fans over here... make sure and pass this on to Chris!


My boy (8) and daughter (7) LOVED Angel Wars! So Thank you!


So cool! Traveling is so much fun isn't it?! The kids are going to love it! You're going to give them the travel bug after a great trip like Australia!


Sounds like fun! Any chance of stopping by in Hawaii on your way back from Australia?


show off :)

Stephanie Mah

how fun!! so wonderful!!


Yippeee!!! You guys have to do the 3hr flight from AUS to NZ!!!! Come visit us!!! Would love to see you! Miss you lots! ~the Wangs

Jules De Lumen

Is it Melbourne only? Are you interested in teaching in Brisbane? If you are, please just let me know and I will see what I can organise. I am also very interested in a photo shoot, even if I have to fly to Melbourne for it.


Oh, you guys are going to have a great time. Melbourne is beautiful, you have to see the 12 Apostles, and drive the Great Ocean Road. Enjoy. Alex

sasha farina

not very far from us... I can fly there to meet you.. LOL


How wonderful for your family to travel to Australia. It will be such a great experience for your kids. Any plans to come to Sydney and teach?


Wow are you serious?? Are you coming to Sydney by any chance?? Where will you bea teaching? aargh so many questions! Please please please say you'll be teaching in Sydney LOL
Hmm need more details please!!




YEEEESSSSS!!! i was just going to ask you if the 'down under' trip was a go!! Sweeeet!!!


Chris is from Sydney, we'd love to head up there if there is enough interest...


you have to see a game of footy while your here...I recently took a visitor from NZ to game at the great MCG and he had a ball. Have often taken visits from USA to a footy game, its a must in the middle of winter:)


How fun your kids will join you!!! :) I'll just hide in your suitcase, okay? :) I'm still waiting to hear Chris speak Australian....... :)


Jamie I work at The Scrapbook Scene In Melbourne. Would love to know if you have any one to sponser you while you are here in Melbourne. I spoke with Megan on the weekend and I will run it past my Manager today if you would like to teach for us while your here. Anyway if you would like to send me an Email about what your plans are I would love to see if can work something out.


Hi jamieeeee Hi chrisssss
how are you guys?
I love you and miss you so much!
The pacs was really good but not the same without you! We missed you so much believe in it!
I hope to come in Us to visit you and to have you at my marriage.. I don't know when but I want you!!!!

Renee Farley

Hi Jamie and Chris,

I have admired you from this great distance for a long while. I would love to go to a class in Melbourne and enquire about a photo shoot. Your photo's inspire me to take more notice of those little moments. You must visit the Mornington Peninsula when you are here, lot's of galleries with handmade goodness and wine, very yummy wine and food.




OHhh are u kidding? coming to aussie land? I would totally love you guys to do a shoot in melbs and I would totally attend a scrapbook class with u jamie! :)

more details please! :) :)

xx ali

Shannon Tidwell

so excited for you guys!!

Amber D

Wow, you're hubbie's a cutie AND he has a cool accent? Lucky girl :-)


hey Jamie,

We are going to NY on June 11th. You'll have to tell me what you do with the kids. We can't wait! I hope you guys enjoy all your travels!

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