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May 19, 2009



I looove that song by Stacy Clark that went with the engagement shoot you just did. Can't find her music on though. Your mil is so helpful! Of course you need it, with four kids and lots going on!

lisa truesdell

awwwwwwwwwwww - that's hard! ((hugs)) to both of you - hoping you get some good time together this week. =)




So sweet. Elsie will love to have mommy back.


Awwww.... Love that cute pic of her and her dress is adorable!


What a beautiful dress.

Stephanie Mah

aww.......{HUGS} to sweet little E!


She's such a sweetie! I'm sure she understands that Mommy is busy - but it'll be all worth it when you have that special girl time together!

jennifer mcguire

you are a good momma. :)


What a sweet little picture...

jacqueline yeo

o i totally know what you mean! i hate it when i've lots of work to do and have to tell the girls - not now, we're busy :( i really do hope they understand though....


we mothers have been there and back. i can feel it as i read your post. thanks for the trip down memory lane. cute photo.

jamie ko

I'm with you on missing the little one. I've been back to work 3 days and everytime I get home, she's already asleep. looks like that'll be the routine from now on...I'll just come home and stare at a sleeping baby. :(

Maureen Kao

Oh, look at her! I can just see her beautiful big eyes looking up at you! I love having a little girl!



such a sweet picture! :)

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