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May 12, 2009



belated happy birthday, jamie!


Happy belated birthday, Jamie! Chris gave you some beautiful gifts :)

Btw, I love your blue top in the picture of you and your mom!


Happy belated birthday - what a double blessing to be on Mother's Day! Looks like you had a great time!

Stephanie Mah

what a lovely gift you got!! love all those pictures.:)

jennifer mcguire

looks like you had a great birthday - no one deserves it more.
love the owl!


happy happy belated birthday!

the photos are gorgeous as always, jamie :)
and kira is such a beauty!!!


yeah, good boy chris. what a creative and perfect gift for tita christina! i know you got my bday text, i didnt forget.


Happy happy birthday!!!! My birthday was Saturday, so I agree, it was nice to have a whole weekend! Cute gifts! :-)
Amy in CA


Dear Jamie,
I am so glad you got to have a wonderful bday and Mother's day weekend! You deserve it! I love you and think you are an amazing mom friend and sil.
cute herb garden too! :) love the owl.


Happy belated birthday and Mother's day!


OMGosh...I thought I was the ONLY one on earth that had a May 10th bday - that typically coincides with Mother's day (where my Mom reminds me to share with her!) My kids got it right, though - NO COMPLAINTS! Looks like you had a beautiful day too!

Hugs for your belated day...


belated happy bithday. Sounds like you had a nice day.
Beautiful picture of your girls. They are so cute. :)


I love your're blessed to have such a wonderful mother in law. Love your pictures and especially your scrapbook style. Oh, by the way happy belated birthday.

sasha farina

Happy Birthday sweetheart.... sorry I'm late. just got back up after a nasty tract infection :) i'm so glad you had a nice time.. *hugs*


I've never seen a picture of you and your mom together - I LOVE IT!!! :)


Happy belated Birthday Jamie!!! :) I'm sorry, I had no idea. Hope you had a wonderful day (mother's day). You deserve it! :)

Katrinna J.

What a cute picture you have with your mom. She still looks young.
Love seeing pics of your girls.

Cherryl N

Happy belated bday. I share the same birthday 5.10 and when I was young I too remember birthdays the same way. I too feel my mother's day/birthdays are extra special now that I have kids. I hope did enjoy the weekend. I also want to say that I really enjoyed your class at RELECTIONS in Newport Beach. I learned alot about my camera in such a short time. Please do another class next year. Cherryl


i love it all.


oh my goodness!! i didn't know chris got you that art piece!! that was our engagement shoot!!! suh-weeeet!

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