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May 05, 2009



i haven't started scrapping b'cuz i dont't have a creative bone in my body. i'm too lazy and a secret hater of those who can scrap. ;) you are so awesome. i think you soaked up all the creative juices in our family.

don't include me in the drawing. i'd waste the lovely stamps.


Happy NSD, Jamie!

This hobby has given me a breathe of fresh air. Before my scrapbooking day, I was too lazy to stick to a hobby, always cooped up in front of the computer or tv.

The layouts I've made takes me back to places I have once been, and makes me remember the wonderful people and moments that I treasure in my life.

And then, there are the papers too. How can I live now with patterned papers? *wink*

Thank you for this opportunity!


Thanks for the giveaway!

What I love most about this hobby is that it harnesses creativity for telling our lives' story. How awesome is that?

dannah lee fontela

i love this craft because it takes me away from my everyday stress @'s something i can spend 5 minutes doing or 5 hours doing to channel energy into something creative.


i love being able to use all the cute papers and supplies that i would buy anyway! ha! i also love knowing that i will have a record of these stories that i wouldn't remember otherwise.


i love this hobby because when I go back and look at my albums I always find myself saying, "Oh! I'd forgotten about that!" I am so glad I scrapbook!

Jen K

I love it so much because of the memories I am recording for my kids. Oh, and the yummy product I buy and buy isn't so bad either! LOL!


I love this hobby because it provides me a creative outlet and lets me network w/ other people who share my interests. It also gives me a way to record memories of my family. Time goes by way too quickly, and I want to capture these moments that we share now.
Thanks for the chance to win - your LOs are gorgeous!!


I am so loving the onesie layout!


Scrapping is my creative workout. It keeps me sane. It relaxes me after five days of slaving away in the corporate world.


I love this hobby because it allows me to tell the small stories of my life before they are forgotten.


Well I love scrapbooking first because it make me happy ... to combine creativity with tangible pieces of beautiful papers and embellishments (I once dreamed of working at Kinkos just to be around paper all day :) and add in a picture that captures a memory forever (or at least for a long time) is just pure joy. How is that for a run-on, grammatically incorrect sentence :).

And saying all that spurs me to get back at it ... I've been on a break focusing more on sewing and my Etsy shop :).

Thanks for the inspiration!

Kathy Reid

I've always loved papers and pens and pictures and stickers so scrapbooking is a natural fit for me. I love your blog and your scrapping style. You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.


I love it because it helped save my sister's life. She was in a safehouse type place because she was suicidal. I made a scrapbook of just us and gave it to her while she was in there. She told me later that she would look at it every day and every night; it helped remind her of happy times in the past and hint at happy times in the future. Scrapbooking focuses on the positive, the beautiful, the happy. Scrapbooking saves lives :o)


i really enjoyed your class. Thanks a lot!!!! This will push me to take more pictures because I'm seriously lacking pictures to scrapbook. It helps me relax after a long day of work and just makes me smile....that's why I love scrapbooking


PS: where can I get the powerpoint presentation?


I love you Jamie! Love your LOS...glad the classes went well this past weekend! Chat to you later this week...more:)


I love scrapping to capture my families memories for future generations to look back on. I love your layouts!!!


I love scrapbooking, but in all honesty I'm definitely more of a cardmaker. It's like giving away a little bit of yourself to the people you care about!


I love scrapping because it is creative and we can make memories to be enjoyed and re-lived as well as celebrating ordinary snippets of our daily lives.

Amy Emery

i love scrapbooking because it lets me play with paper and glue and my computer, and because i can spend time scrapping via webcam with my sister--building memories while scrapping memories. plus it has made me want to learn more about photography--ooh another hobby. oh for more time! :)

Wendy B.

Scrapbooking is fun! I love paper, scissors and glue. I love watching my children looking through their scrapbooks. The best part - I love that my youngest has picked up on this creative hobby.

Stephanie Mah

Happy NSD to you,Jamie!!

i love scrapbooking. i scrap because i want to keep all those precious memeories with my family & friends! :)

Btw, your layouts are awesome! love it.:)


I love scrapbooking because...I made a real good friend; I get excited over things like paper and chipboard; I can convey so much more with a layout than with just the picture; I can make a scrapbook album as a gift and know that no one else will give the same thing; and most of all, my family will know (if they don't already) know just how much I love them!:)

Thi P.

Hi Jamie, I had a wonderful time in your class at Reflections. You and Chris are really great. So with that being said, one of the things I love about scrapbooking is getting to meet awesome people like yourself.

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