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June 23, 2009



that rainbow song ALWAYS makes me think of the epi where dr. green died in hawaii too!

kira's gonna be great in hs. sounds like she's really outgoing. cam might get a mr. b class! :D

p.s. in case you didn't see fb, we will be in your hood on sat w/ caroline. and dots. :D can you meet?!


thank you jamie for somehow getting me to sob as i read your post. my vision blurred with tears as i read each sentence. i'm a mess, but a happy mess! congrats on all the accomplishments your family has achieved! makes you appreciate everything!


congratulations to you and your graduates! :)


awwweee.. Jamie, so sweet! Congrats to your graduates! BTW.. I totally get you on the documenting the little things.. gets me every time!


ALL of these photos are soooooo wonderful! I love the ones especially with YOU in them! :) Makes me so happy!


I love this post!! I love all the updates the moments, the nostalgia, the sweet & sappiness of it all. Love you tons! Miss you more than I can say! Wish we were there this summer! Have an AMAZING time in Australia!


Such a beautiful family, Jamie! Congrats on Cam and Kira's graduation!! :) See you Sat!

Stephanie Mah all those pictures.:)


This version of Over the rainbow is just sooo heart melting! I guess everyone just must have some sappy bitter sweet moments connected with it! :-)
I love to read your blog, you have a wonderful family! Thank you for sharing all that!


Just a beautiful post. Great nostalgia. Love all the pictures, especially the one of all four of your kids. Thanks for sharing Jamie.


congrats cam and kira! love you both.


Jamie, you made me all teary eyed reading your post and they aren't even my kids, LOL! Such a beautiful post... Maybe because I feel like I've seen your kids grow up through your layouts. I'm so happy for you, for them...

And I also think of Dr Greene dying when I hear that song... I was bawling that entire episode.


This was really very sweet & touching- thanks for sharing! Beautiful fam!

Katrinna J.

Awww...very touching tribute to your kids. Great pictures!


omg, i'm emotional. and my girl is only 7.. your kids are beautiful. congrats to them.. xoxo

tara pollard pakosta

soooooo sweet!
I don't look forward to them even getting to middle schooL!
it goes by way too fast!
mine are going in 3rd & 4th this year......I wish I could freeze time too!


You have no idea how much I love your sappy posts! I am exactly the same with my boys - counting down to the last everything and having a secret weep over the time passing. And such beautiful photos of your family - you are so lucky to have a photographer husband as opposed to a photophobic one!


what a wonderful post! your family is beautiful inside and out!

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