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June 02, 2009



aawwww!!! looks like they had sooo much fun with their Mommy yesterday!! their are obviously happy kids! :)


thats not a sucky pic. thats a classic, love it.

Rachael Y

Oh how fun!! I need to take my boys out for a bike ride too. Have a great week! we love you all! Happy Bday early for Kira!!


Whoa! Cam looks way different in this photo to me. Does he to you? Like he is really, really growing up!

Stephanie Mah

they had soooo much fun!!! great shots! :)

jamie k

my keira is starting to not like the carseat much nowadays. she'd much rather be Bjorned and in the mix of things.

btw, i might quite possibly have a day off in the middle of the week coming up soon...are you up for a little visit and cupcake time? maybe elsie would like a little baby to play with too?!


So much fun! I have to ask again - what camera/lens are you using - these are the best shots! Even your iphone photos are perfect =)


wow. i feel really old now. kira GRADUATING?!


yes...the little baby who had jaundice is now going to be 14 and graduating...where did all the 5110 "SOLEIL" days go?


My kids have bike fever these days as well. Must be the nice weather. Great photos as always... do you shoot in b/w or do you change it to b/w later?


I love your blog Jamie, and always check it out.

Katrinna J.

Your pics are always nice and also from your iPhone. So you never used an application to it. Yeah, I asked
that before here. Thanks! I guess you just have a gift in taking pictures.
Have a great Summer!!!

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