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July 28, 2009



ahh....Back to REALITY :=((
I'm glad you're back to Elsieland!

tara pollard pakosta

I wonder how long is your summer vacation in California? it seemed like your kids didn't even get out of school til the end of june! how is they have to go back when mine do?! that's really short! we got out june 3rd and go back august 25th. just wondering!
can't wait to see more of your trip pix!

Tanya M.

Yeah, wouldn't it be nice if we could always vacation? Wait, that sounds like retirement. :) And I hear it gets pretty boring. So something in between is ideal, I guess. Hey, now you can scrapbook! Look forward to seeing your pages again.

Stephanie Mah

back to life. :) can upload more of pictures of your vacation? pleaeeee........:)


love the photo..can see cute lil' mischief is about to happen LOL!

welcome back!!


aw cam, that is too cute.

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